Chubtone Stratocaster Pickup Models

Model Neck Resistance Mid Resistance Bridge Resistance Magnets Wire Description
1954 5.95k 5.95k 6.30k Alnico III Heavy Formvar Classic, pristine, sweet. Alnico III magnets for a beautiful strat experience.
1961 6.10k 6.10k 6.70k Alnico V Heavy Formvar Pre-CBS style classic strat bloom. Sweet highs, and Alnico V adds punch. Overwound bridge removes ice pick highs.
1962 6.20k 6.20k 7.00k Alnico V Heavy Formvar A 1% overwind of the 1961s. A touch more output and mids. Very pedal friendly
1963 6.30k 6.30k 7.20k Alnico V Heavy Formvar Highest output of my pre-CBS style. Pronounced bass and mids. Gets you into SRV/Mayer territory
1964 6.10k 6.10k 6.60k Alnico II Heavy Formvar Transition era pickup style. Alnico 2 magnets for a sweeter sound, but overwound for a bit more output. Excellent choice for maple board strats.
1965 5.95k 5.95k 6.50k Alnico II Plain Enamel Like post-CBS pickups, wound to lower output with plain enamel wire. Similar to the 64s, but with more chime. Very sweet pickups with a nice top end.
1967 5.95k 5.95k 6.70k Alnico V Plain Enamel Classic woodstock era recreations, but with overwound bridge to remove unwanted treble spike. More bass and top end than 65s. More clarity than pre-CBS style pickups. Often available in reverse (left-hand) stagger.
1969 6.30k 6.35k 7.25k Alnico V Poly One of my most popular models. An interpretation of CBS era late 60s pickups, with some tweaks. Wound like the 67s, but with a different wire to add balanced mids and smoother highs. Designed to overcome some common issues associated with under-wound late 60s pickups. Often available in reverse (left-hand) stagger.
"El Gordo" 6.70k 6.70k 7.85k Alnico V Poly Overwound just the right amount for piano-like mids. Good choice for blues, slide, or anytime you want a little midrange punch.
63/63/Gordo 6.30k 6.30k 7.85k Alnico V Heavy Formvar/Poly The best of both worlds; One of my most popular sets. A combination of the 1963 in the neck and middle positions, with an "El Gordo" in the bridge. The "El Gordo" is wound with different wire for a thicker sound. A very useable pickup that kills harsh highs normally associated with the bridge pickup. Still retains the classic strat quack and cleans up beautifully as well.
"El Supremo" 6.10k 6.20k 7.90k Alnico V Heavy Formvar/Poly I started with a very popular "signature" set, and gave it the Chubtone treatment. Wound with formvar wire and Alnico III magnets in the neck position, and a variation of my "El Gordo" in the bridge position. Imagine an overwound 54 strat neck, and pre-CBS style mid, with a more modern bridge pickup. Go from classic sweet cleans to thicker lead tones. To accommodate modern, flatter radius fret boards, the pickups use a hybrid stagger (.688" instead of .710" G magnet pole).
"The Gray Ones" (Secret) (Secret) (Secret) (Secret) (Secret) My interpretation of another famous signature set. Low output set for more chime and reduced mids. Just kills for sweet cleans. Gray bottom bobbins, 0.195" diameter magnets. Different wire and magnets for each position used purposely and strategically