Chubtone Telecaster Pickup Models

Model Bridge Resistance Neck Resistance Magnets Wire Description
50's Tele 6.60k 6.40k Alnico III Formvar Twang and clarity. Flat pole Alnico 3 magnets, copper base-plate, all with a Chubtone twist.
60's Tele 6.80k 6.50k Alnico V Formvar A little more beef and punch from staggered Alnico V magnets and formvar wire overwind.
70's Tele 7.00k 6.70k Alnico V Plain Enamel Staggered Alnico V magnets, gray bottom bridge; Chime, punch - Get your ya-yas!
"El Gordo" Tele 8.75k 7.00k Alnico V Special Poly Staggered magnets. For almost p90 mid-range punch - medium to high output.
Tapped Tele 6.50k/8.00k 6.70k Alnico V Formvar/Poly A three conductor set for versatility. The first part of the coil is wound for vintage Tele twang (tapped output). Wound with a different wire after that for higher output with less highs and more mids (full output); much like a passive boost. Can be wired with a push-pull pot, or switch tap, for two Tele tones in one pickup!